Thursday, 2 September 2010

Paula & Jonathan's wedding, Tower Bridge London

He knew of her before they met. His friends told him he HAD to meet her - she was the stunning, popular girl at uni. Her friends told her she had to meet him. He was the tall, dark, handsome new guy that had arrived. And then after somehow missing each other at events, they met, and that was it. She is gorgeous, fun loving and stylish. He is caring, happy, a little mischievous and you can see truly loves her. Together they have been around the world together settling in London which is where they got married.

So it was that I woke up on their wedding day with such a sense of excitement - the weather was fantastic and I knew this was going to be a fun day. I arrived at their apartment (which was amazing) for photographs of Paula getting ready. Amanda the hair and make-up artist was fab, and with a quick change into her dress Paula and I headed outside onto the balcony for some shots before I dashed next door to where Jonathan and the boys were. And that was the start of a truly stylish wedding. From the ceremony in Tower Bridge (I know - how great is that), to the time we had to take photographs (yeay a whole half an hour!!) to the red routemaster bus ride round to the restaurant which was right on the Thames - in fact over hanging it, the scrummy meal, pimms and speeches and then the dancing - oh yes, these guys know how to party!

I know I was grinning as I left their wedding and the sounds of merriment wafted outside and into the hot evening air...thank you Paula and Jonathan for an amazing day and an amazing privilege.

Paula getting ready at their apartment, I used the small window frames to add a graphic feel to the shot, and photographed Paula as a silhouette which I think looks fairytale like.

Wow, wow, wow - can you believe this is London! We had some time before I had to go see the boys which was great to play around with shots, and this one was a must. I would definitely say, if you are a bride or a bridesmaid, try and make time for photographs before the ceremony because this is the best time for it - when the makeup is fresh and the hair snugly in place.

And wow again - Paula is absolutely gorgeous and such a natural in front of the camera.

Love this shot of Paula and her dad walking down the old fire escape of Tower Bridge to arrive (unseen) at the ceremony. Paula's shadow on the wall I think adds to the atmosphere.

The ceremony took place in the North Tower Lounge that had just opened for weddings. It has a huge window which looks church-like, and was great for lighting up Paula and Jonathan.

I just love this picture of Paula beaming as she looks at Jonathan after signing the register.

We had a whole half an hour to ourselves for photography - yeay and would totally recommend future brides and grooms to think about doing this. It was great to get a bit of alone time, and to really capture the two of them, just married, in such amazing locations. Here we had just come out of Tower Bridge. There were roadworks going on, so with a cheeky move of the barriers we were able to take some pictures with no one in the background.

Yep, I love London, how amazing is that backdrop.

I always check out the venues beforehand and spied the Mayor's steps as a fantastic location for some photographs - here's one of the "in between" shots I took of Paula and Jonathan.

And, a few steps away was a small green space which shooting into the sun was great to create a different (non-urban) feel (hopefully).

Yum - those bridesmaids dresses were gorgeous, so stylish and elegant and seemed to change colour with the different light when I was photographing them - from bluey to deep purple. And the bridesmaids were such fun too - really getting the dancing going in the evening.

Oh yes, there was a routemaster bus too - yeay.

They're guests threw confetti as Paula and Jonathan arrived at the restaurant - which has a fantastic multi-angled mirror on the stairway, reflecting all the confetti and the guests.

The Samuel Pepys restaurant looked gorgeous, with white linen, table confetti hearts, loveheart sweets and fish bowels full of orchids and hydrangea's.

I think this shot feels like it could be from the Godfather (in a good way). Still cant figure out how I got the angle though - I dont think I was sitting on Paula's lap!

A shot from the speeches - love Paula's brother and one of the guests in nearly identical poses.

Awrr - I just love this of Paula looking at her man.

Even the cake was elegant! Paula's mum got the figures on top made in South Africa where there is apparently lots of bead and wire artwork. As both Paula and Jonathan are from South Africa I think this was such a lovely detail.

The first dance.

And the moment in between.

And then the crazy dancing started - love it when the dance floor comes alive.

I asked Paula and Jonathan to sneak outside for a couple of shots before the end of the night and love this quite moment of the two of them.

No strictly taken on the day (the restaurant was a little up river, around a bend so I came back a few days later), I love this shot of Tower Bridge - its so impressive a building, and how amazing to be able to say "we got married there"!

Congratulations to Paula and Jonathon - I wish you all the happiness in the world.


  1. Natasha, the photos are wonderful and you were the perfect photographer on our day. So many people commented on how friendly you were to them during the course of our wedding. Your enthusiasm is contagious and it really comes through in the stunning photos. You managed to turn even the most camera-shy people into proper wedding photo subjects, "Jo, Dad, Rob - wedding smile please". Thank you so much for all your hard work, Jonathan and I are chuffed with the results! Paula

  2. Paula, when I first read your comment I did a loud whoop and then called Emmanuel to come have a look...I then re-read it about ten times before going to bed with a smile on my face. You were the perfect bride! You and Jo are such an amazing couple and such fun to be around. Thank you so much for asking me to be your photographer, and for welcoming me into the family for the day. I hope the new job is going well and you are enjoying the last rays of sun of the summer on your fabulous balcony! x