Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Welcome La Roux

So I found myself in the Pet section of Sainsburys this morning fervently looking for kitten food, kitten litter and about a million other things. Proportionally I have probably bought about 100 times his weight! Thats right, yesterday we became the proud parents/slaves of La Roux! He is a little feather weight ball of fluff, inquisitiveness, playfulness and general cute-ness, which has got me to making up words. He is currently sitting behind the fireplace big eyes and big ears looking at me.

Not quite a model, but we managed to grab a few pictures last night.


  1. such a great name for a cat! my four year old niece named hers the same. it's perfect!

  2. Awwr - thats so cool to hear there's another La Roux!...although I've started nicknaming him Roo (he seems too small for his name right now).