Sunday, 12 September 2010

Asking questions

Shall I...shant I.... then my hand goes up involuntarily and somehow I find myself asking a question. Eeek, my palms are hot and sweaty, and I can feel myself going red. I am a complete mess, and my voice is beginning to give out. The first time I remember this happening was when I was in primary school. We had newly moved so I was the "new girl" in the class, desperately trying to keep my head down and not stick out with the home-crafted gym bag and home-made bread rolls in my lunch box. So, why was I inviting the attention with the question I was asking. I guess thats just me. I cant help myself if I have a question or am asked to give an opinion, this need overtakes the hot, sweaty palm-ness.

I try to be honest with who I am - which is sometimes difficult. But I think me the photographer is me the person. I am no different, and hope that how I am as a photographer is me. I guess it probably explains the questions too... you brides and grooms will know that when we chat, I am full of questions about your wedding. Hot sweaty palm-ness is overtaken with that love of hearing what you are doing and why.

So with that in mind I am giving a holla out to all of you that read my blog regularly, dip in and out, or visiting for the first time and just looking around - please leave a comment, ask a question, or just stop by and say hi. I would LOVE truly to hear from each one of you.

Im not usually in front of the camera - which is what I am going to use as my excuse for hogging the picture (no idea why I've picked a "surfer dude" wannabe pose, or why I have a bent ankle)!


  1. Hi Natasha,
    Peter nad I are regular readers of your Blog and love the way you share your thoughts with everyone.
    we think your photos are amazing and love looking at them.
    Love this photo of you and all the girls in the family.
    Keep on blogging and taking your wonderful photos...
    Patsy and Peter xx

  2. Haha this is a fantastic shot..perfectly captures the essence of the day - family, fun and manicured flower borders!

  3. Awwr - Thank you Patsy and Peter for your lovely comments. You have been so fab in your support. I hope your settling in to your new home OK. Cant wait to see it! x

    Hey bud - I know, this was such a fun shot I had to post it. x