Friday, 17 September 2010

Each Peach Pear Plum

Eeee...I let out a rather high pitched squeal. Not only did the shop assistant know what Each Peach Pear Plum was (without giving me a crazy look) but she also had one in store! Its funny how things in your childhood really stick and you have such vivid memories. I remember this book so well. I think our mum must have read it to us about a million times, and then I read it about a million times after I had learnt to read. I loved the pictures, beautifully drawn in pastel colours, with wiggly lines and a homeliness feel to them. I used to search for the nursery rhyme characters on each page but more than that used to get absorbed in what was being described as a beautiful day where at the end of it they all eat plum pie....yep Im a bit of a dreamer...and also a lover of plum pie! Oh, and if your wondering I didnt just have some crazy idea to buy it to recreate my childhood but to give it to a friend's baby who I hope will love it as much as I did (do)!

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  1. This book is amazing, but I don't think I could ever appreciate its true value when I was young due to my serious dog obsession-if a dog didn't feature highly in the story I was sleepin zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!