Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I am definitely one for lists...Lists for shopping, lists for what Im going to do today, this week, this year....I feel like I am constantly chasing and trying to get ahead of the lists I am making, especially when it comes to my business. I have so many things I want to do, I am inspired by the blogs I read, the photographers who've "made it", the industry pros like Martha Stewart, and all the viral stuff that make me think - ooh thats such I good idea, can I do that? I want to get better with what I do, how I do it, my business savey, marketing, who I am as a person and give more back. Its a way long list of things to do, and I am impatient to get things done, especially when I can visualise what I want, its difficult to sit still until I have achieved it! But Im sitting still today, and hope that each small step I take on this journey will take me closer to crossing off those things on that list of mine.

I cant leave without a photograph or two, and thought that as it feels like the end of summer, I'd post a couple of pics of my sister and I at the Blur concert last year. Neither of us have been cool enough and gone to a music festival, but we LOVED Blur when growing up. That night it was hot, the band were playing in Hyde park, there were thousands of people all singing, the full moon rose behind the stage, and as we walked away at the end of the night people broke out into spontaneous bursts of song, that would be caught up by another bunch of people - the mood was amazing.

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