Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Post production

Pita bread and Taramasalata at the ready, Radio Two's Bob Harris show in the background, and the whole evening ahead to start the post production of Zarah and Mark's wedding I shot at the weekend....yeay...I love settling in and quietly seeing the photographs I have taken appear onscreen. I never believe I have done well on the day so each time I upload its with a sigh of relief and a little bit of a wow "I did that" to the photos I love.

The post production of every wedding is so important to me. It takes far longer than the 10 hours of shooting I do on the day. Perhaps I am a little tiny bit of a perfectionist too which means I will pour over a photo until I think the red tone is just right, or the shadows are dark but not too overbearing. Ultimately my ethos is that in 20 years time when your children look back at your wedding photographs they will be timeless beautiful photographs that capture the emotion of the day and show you as who you are in your best light. So, with this in mind, my post production means "keeping it real" and pushing the photo to its full potential....come on Im a girl too, so I understand about bat wings and double chins and will do my best to make sure they dont exist.

Here's one of the pictures from Zarah and Mark's wedding that I did earlier...keep posted for the rest of the blog in a week or so.

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