Friday, 24 September 2010

My first day

The dawn began to break. It was still silent, no birds singing, no one moving around the house...just me, wide awake and anything but tranquil! I was imagining the horror of what I had agreed to do sink in with such coffin-like severity I wanted to run away. I squeezed my eyes shut in the hope I may suddenly fall asleep until it was actually time to wake up and go photograph Emily and Rory's wedding.

This was my very first wedding as the official photographer and I was a nervous mess. I was fretting over breakfast, stomach in such a knot, and then in the car on the way to the church...but then a funny thing happened as soon as I got there I felt calm, in control, and able to roll with the day as it unfolded. Thank goodness it all went well (except stepping in dog poop just outside the church!). I know now that I had to take that terrifying leap to start the fantastic journey I am taking as a wedding photographer. So, with a lot less nerves, but no less excitement and anticipation I am packing my bags tonight for Michelle and Pete's wedding tomorrow.

(this is from Emily and Rory's wedding, which oh so stylish with a proper country feel).

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