Thursday, 30 September 2010

Happy Harvest

It always felt like the kitchen had been turned into an Aladdin's cave when it arrived. Sacks of juicy sultanas, boxes of extra sweet dried apricots, piles of sugary apple rings, bowls of crunchy banana chips and sticky trays of dates. My mum would give each of us children a job around the large wooden table, weighing, labelling and re-boxing all the health foods. This was a bulk buy on what seemed like gigantic proportions between about 12 families. And if you were lucky enough the bulk buy would be delivered to your house, and for a week you would be working at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (without the chocolate)...of course the flour, sugar, syrup and other stuff was totally safe, but the dried fruit definitely needed testing before it got shipped out again!

I still love the dried fruit and am a total sucker for sweet stuff (show me a girl who isnt)! I have just polished off both cup cakes that my Nana has just brought round so will have to guiltily explain the second empty case to my boyfriend tonight.

Here's a picture from last years trip to the Black Forest - I always have to order the blueberry cake, Black Forest cake and the cheese cake...happy.

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