Saturday, 2 October 2010

It will come

Man I was tired last night, so when my boyfriend came home I collapsed on the mind on the other hand had other ideas, and was working overtime in reminding me what I had to do. And the list was endless. In a slight panic I started writing everything I was thinking down which helped but also made me want to start designing my new sample album, and calling Cosmo magazine then and there even though it was 11pm.

He could see my brain was whirring and said to me it will come. Take care of the small stuff, each day at a time and you will achieve more than your wildest dreams. I was shocked. I never really thought that my dreams could become reality. But there, he said it. And thinking about it, it made sense. Everyone I have seen who has stuck to what they wanted to do, and been tireless in their pursuit of their dream has not only achieved it but succeeded. And thats, my boyfriend tells me, is when you surpass your dreams. So, here's to dreaming, the strength to keep on the path, and the tenacity to grab what you want!

Here's a little cocktail to say cheers to that.

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