Wednesday, 27 October 2010


There he went striding along in the English countryside, commanding voice as he proceeded to explain that the pile of earth he was standing on was in fact the foundations of someone's new home. I heart Kevin McCloud and Grand Designs! There's always the possibility that they wont get the project in on budget and schedule - and usually they dont, but there is a fair amount of tenacity that they have to have which got me thinking about our building project. I was 9 years old at the time. No it wasnt slave labour. My mum bought a home for us which was just short of a roof and three walls.

I dont think I will ever know what it was like to build a house from scratch pretty much single handedly with three kids playing, squabbling, eating and sleeping in the background. I remember that when we came back from school she would always ask us so what is new today with the house? We would then have to wind down the windows of the car and start shouting out our answers as the car drove up to the house, whether it be a roof, doors or a new bit of wall...The hardest one I remember was when the glass went in the windows - but I still reckon that was a trick question because it's transparent!

I guess she just had bucket loads of tenacity and vision to see it all through and create the family home that we all love. Its more than just a house, it has our soul.

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  1. We remember only too well, watching the re-building of the 'Hurley' family home in Wales in awe .. and we have some wonderful photographs of the place as it was transformed from little more than a 'Cow Shelter'to one of the most warm and comfortable and love filled, family homes we know .. Our lasting picture of the rebuild was however three tough little kids in their underwear one autumn morning washing to get ready for school at a single stadpipe .. Perhaps it is the hardship of those early days which has made the Hurley family the strong vibrant and loving unit that it is today ...