Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thank YOU

Oh dear I've just given a little whoop out loud to no one (but the kitten that thinks I am now mad!). Why? Because I've just seen that I had 27 people viewing my website last night. Wow. I cant believe it. I know this is a tiny figure in comparison to all those other pro photographers who Im sure get hundreds of visits every hour but I am really touched. Each one of you 27 people are special to me. Thank you. For taking the time to look at my website, reading maybe some of the things I have written and looking at the photographs I have poured myself into and which I am kinda proud about (in a totally English non-effacing way, naturally), I have made this site for you. I write for you. Every one of you who have told me you read my blog and are interested in what I do - I am humbled. Big Thank You!

Heres a photograph from Beccy and Pete's wedding that I photographed last year and which feels to me like the celebration I feel like having. Yeay!

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