Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lets samba

"You've done well natasha your only 45 minutes late"...eek, Im afraid Em is right, it takes me ages getting ready which means Im usually late. I like to cram everything I do into as little time as possible and that means only allowing 20 minutes to get ready on a night out. And girls, you know, that definitely isnt enough time...but come on, this was the first saturday we have been out in like a million years, well maybe not a million but its been a while.

So much so that the fake eye lashes got an outing, and for the last 45 minutes I had been singing (out of tune) and dancing (badly) around the house, changing outfits, changing hair, changing shoes and changing handbags..but in the end, its the same uniform I always wear, skinny jeans, heals and T.shirt - I just created one mountain of screwed up clothes in the process.

So bring on the raucous chatter, good food and happy memories. Here are a few pictures I took...One of the girls remembered me by saying "oh your the photographer - I remember you now". No way she remembers me as the "photographer"? I never really think that I can legitimately call myself that. Im just a girl who has to have a handbag big enough to squeeze a camera in on a night out!

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