Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sassy-ness, tunes and fun

I am absolutely bursting! I have just watched the best networking wedding event ever and wish I had been there! Of course that was never going to happen. For one I am far to shy. I know I know, Im not known for being quiet and mouse like. But its true. I get way too over-intimidated by people that are legends and know their stuff in the wedding world. Plus it was, well, in Ammericaaaa. Thats right, Im the first to represent the "Great" of Britain, but oh my goodness, they are about a million years ahead of us in terms of pushing the boundary in weddings...But...I'm hoping from the gorgeous, amazing brides Ive had this year, this may be on the change...lets dare to add a bit of uber coolness, sassiness and fun to our weddings and inject our personality. Yeay, its a party after all!

So after much ado about nothing, here's the link - yeeeha (do they even say that in America??) Oh and, scroll down to the music, switch it on and then scroll back up to the party....and if your reading this in a couple of days, the blog title is called "Hitched Finale"

Here's a sneak peek at my latest wedding where the coolness, sassiness and fun was in full flow!

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