Friday, 22 October 2010

Zarah and Mark's wedding

I slowly opened the door and there she was. Her back was to me, so I saw the silhouette of her corsetted dress and train framed against the window. It was a split second moment. In the next she had turned her head round to see me and said I'm so nervous. Coming from someone so clear, decisive and practical the window into her inner self opened. And I knew from there on, for the rest of the day, we were in this together. Her name is Zarah and it was the morning of her wedding day.

I was there to photograph the getting ready - Mark saying he wasnt great in front of the camera and then turning into a pro. The enominaty as Zarah and her dad arrived and walked towards the imposing church, the vows and Zarah's laughter as they exchanged rings. The exuberant walk back down the aisle, and the adrenaline that kicked in and kept them walking down the path. The laughter as their guests piled out of the church and congratulated them, Mark's dad holding the bridesmaid's bouquets, the fun - I know- at the group photographs, and the walk through the village to where the reception was being held with the boys bringing the flowers from the church.

And finally, the moments I glimpsed - two people, who didnt shout about their love but who quietly adore each other. Here's to you both Zarah and Mark and for all the joy and happiness in the world.

The boys outside - here's Mark and Andy looking totally relaxed in front of the camera.

Once the boys and guests had disappeared we did some shots of Zarah and her two bridesmaids - I love this shot that I took between formal photographs. Zarah is so full of energy its infectious.

This is an ageless shot, and magical and Zarah arrives at the church.

Wow - here she is being walked towards the church on the arm of her dad. Her dress silhouetted against the arch of the church doorway, and the beauty of the church in the background. Love it.

This is probably one of ,my favourite shots ever. Why. I know it doesnt scream exotic location or dramatic angle shooting...but to me it is a snapshot of who Zarah and Mark are, the moment they exchange rings and before they are officially pronounced man and wife. I adore this shot.

Which was quickly followed by the solemnity of the occasion.

The church itself was gorgeous. When I arrived in the morning there seemed to be about 20 people cleaning, polishing, scrubbing and washing the church in readiness for the ceremony.
This shot I took of Zarah and Mark as they were waiting to signing the register. I love it, better than the traditional signing shot.

And then the walk down the aisle, and outside.
Some friends had come to wish Mark congratulations as they both exited the church.

The laughter and chatting afterwards...
And one of the formal shots.

Then it was off to the reception and food. Here are the boys taking the flowers...

And the gorgeous cake, framed in the afternoon sunshine.

Finally, the shot between shots, these two looking at each other and committing to spend the rest of their lives together. Congratulations to you both. x

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