Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Things that make me happy

Today, like every morning, I wake up and go to the bathroom, fling open the window and look outside and breathe! I stand there for a few minutes and just suck up the air. I look around at the other gardens and then up at the sky. I could probably stay there for more than my mad morning dash allows, but in that moment I am happy. The morning is fresh and new, and is the best morning ever. So, this got me to thinking of the things that make me happy....in no particular order here they are.
The sunshine
Freshly washed bedsheets
Taramasalata and pita bread
My boyfriend when he laughs
(and when he sings in the shower)
Nailing a photograph
Dogs (their funny faces and the way they walk)
Christmas time - the run up to it with the excitement in the air and feeling of merriment
A good book that I can savour
Cooking for my friends and family

This is an evening shot of that view outside of our bathroom window!

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