Thursday, 19 August 2010

Tower Bridge at night

I've felt restless this week and I reckon it must be something in the air as my friend I had dinner with last night felt the same. I've got a four week break between weddings and am busy with designing a new sample album and website - its all new fore me so taking forever just to understand how to import a photograph, make a revolving gallery etc, but extremely there should be some fun new things to look at soon. In the meantime I thought I would share with you some photographs I took in the City a few weeks ago. I really wanted to end with a shot of Tower Bridge at night for Paula and Jo's wedding (you'll see why when I blog about it in a few days). These are a few photographs that didnt make the cut, but beautiful all the same.
I like the unusual view - for you Londoners the Gurkin is in the background - had to squat down to try and get the angle right, and a little balancing act having another camera on my other shoulder.Love the fact that sky is red! Makes it look like London's burning. I spied the colour which I zooped up a bit by making it a slightly over-exposed shot. Had to have an extra steady hand.

Im not sure why but I just like this shot. Colour I guess - what with London Bridge being lit up in yellow and red and the boat on the Thames having blue lights.

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