Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tara and Dave's Jersey Wedding

As I make my way out of the arrivals gate I see Tara standing, smiling waiting for me. With a hug and a hello we make our way outside to where Dave is just pulling up with the car. I feel like royalty. They are both so welcoming and kind, inviting me to the family BBQ later that evening. But before that we head to where they are getting married - and what a venue! Perched on the very edge of the peninsular high above the town is Corey Castle. Its beautiful, imposing, and feels like its seen alot. Tara tells me that she when she was young she came here with her family and on visiting the castle told them she had built it in a former life and would would get married there. Fast forward to the the next day, because that's what she did - in the gorgeous, intimate chapel room in the castle which was decorated with roses and candles.

Tara is lovely - organised, laidback, funny and extremely caring. She knows her mind and when Dave came into her life that was it. Dave is equally laid back - perhaps more so, one of those really kind, gentle people that you immediately feel relaxed around. I was so honoured to be a part of their very intimate wedding and wish them both all the happiness in the world.

Dave was nervous, worried about the rest of the party arriving and the everything else. It was only when they arrived and Jake and him could set off for the Chapel Room that he relaxed and was able to flash a big grin at Jake.

5 minutes later, Tara arrived with her dad and Sophie and Emily. I think most brides would have been stressed at the rain, but not Tara. She arrived laughed and joked about it, and then headed up what seemed like 1000 steps - in heals, to the Chapel.

One of the few pictures of both girls under the umbrella - I love this shot of them both looking at their flowers and sorting out their dresses.

I love this picture too - it really shows what the weather was like - properly unleashing all its might.

Having made it to the top of the Castle Tara and the girls had a quiet few minutes to gather themselves, comb hair and shake off the rain. You can see Emily grinning at Tara with excitement.I love the backdrop here, the old limestone which has been dyed over the years. The different nooks and crannies, which make it seem like a Mediterranean church. Tara is waiting for the go-ahead from the registrar.

You can spy the sash of Tara's lovely dress, which was understated, modern and gorgeous.

Tara walking down the aisle with her dad - Tara's dad was hilarious, and full of stories.

How beautiful and romantic is the venue?! I think the registrar said it was build in the 12th century. I love the pointed ceiling, the old limestone walls, the lead windows, and the candles placed everywhere. It was so atmospheric.

The exchange of rings - Dave beaming and Tara serious.

I loved that I could move about a bit during the ceremony, so that I could get different angles. In terms of photography I didnt want to use a flash which would have been a distraction and instead set a really high iso (2000/2400), and as low as I could get my shutter speed (about 1/40).

Both Tara and Dave laughing as they are pronounced man and wife - dont worry the kiss came after this!

I love this framed shot of Tara concentrating on signing the register with Dave looking on. The light is streaming in from the window and shining on the marriage certificate.

Yeay - the happy couple walking down the aisle, their first steps as man and wife.

Here's a picture of Tara's bouquet, lilly's and orchids.

Tara's sister Hil had managed to smuggle in confetti and armed the girls with it. I love the natural expressions. After the confetti Tara threw her bouquet, which both boys (Jake and Thomas) caught!!

Tara had arranged for some dressing up kit to be left in the rooms so that the kids could muck around whilst the rest of the family were celebrating with champagne. I physically laugh out loud every time I see this picture. The girls by-passed the princess outfits for swords and armour and proceeding to "attack" the older boys. I asked them to give me a couple of poses between fighting and this is what they did! Love it.

Both Tara and Dave told me they werent that keen on having their picture taken (like me), but they were so natural in front of the camera - Tara's beaming and Dave couldnt stop smiling.

La cake!Beautiful beautiful table setting. Candles, wooden heart shaped place settings made by Nicola (the wedding planner), bags of old style retro sweets, and presents for the children. Le Chef created the wedding breakfast of melon start, roast beed and trio of deserts - what a banquet.

ANd here's the castle - so impressive. I wanted to get a night time shot which I thought would be more atmospheric using the lights from the houses shinning on the sea, and the castle lit up. Photography wise, I was on about 2000 iso and 1/8 f2.8...which meant lots of breathing in, steady hand and standing in the preoccupied was I that it got properly dark and I couldnt find my way off the beach. oops. Anyway, I think the final shots were worth it.

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