Sunday, 15 August 2010

A bride's tips for the big day - Georgina

So, I thought it would be really useful for my lovely brides-to-be (and for those of you helping out with a wedding) to hear what a recent bride had to say about her wedding, so without further ado, here goes...

How did Stu propose to you?
At a beautiful ruined castle on the Isle of Lismore off the west coast of Scotland, whilst we were on our Hogamanay holiday.

Did you have any ideas on what you wanted your wedding to be like?
To be honest I really wasnt one of those women who has imagined their wedding well before they're engaged! In fact I really didnt think I was the "marrying Kind" before I met Stuart. But then, with him it just seamed like the natural thing to do. After we got engaged we started talking about what our ideal wedding would be and we both through we'd love a country wedding at my parents' farm (marquee in a field type affair) and then it all changed in the end to an Oxford college!

What were the most important things for you when planning your wedding?
For us it was definitely the content of the ceremony. Stuart was very determined not to undermine his vows by including religious promises which he doesnt agree with, but we both quite wanted hymns and the setting of a church. We actually spent ages looking at loads of different ceremony options; including Humanist, Civil, and C of E, but we ended up with a con-conformist ceremony given by a very flexible and friendly minister who is also the Principle of an Oxford college.

Any websites/blogs that you found really useful when organising your wedding?
Not many really. I looked at a few bride websites where people had discussed certain elements of the wedding we were interested in like all British flowers ( and also second-hand dresses of the designer I loved.

What did you do the night before your wedding?
Had a lovely quiet meal with you Mum, Dad and sister and then tried to get to sleep early!

On the day what really stands out?
Being totally overwhelmed with all the attention! The amazing feeling of happiness and everyone saying what a great day they were having - such a positive environment.

What were your favourite moments?
The ride to the Chapel with my Dad, seeing Stuart looking down the aisle at me, and our first dance.

What tips would you give to a bride to be about hiring a photographer?
I would tell them to look at all the photographer's photos and try and pick out ones that are the style they'd like for their own day. Think carefully beforehand about exactly what "formal photos" they really will want printed.

Also be clear about any particular moments they really want captured. But to be honest if they have a great photographer like Natasha [blush], I would allow the photographer to be creative and they'll come up with the great shots that one couldnt have planned for anyway!

What tips would you give to a bride to be organising her wedding day?
Be prepared to be overwhelmed! I think I underestimated the effect of being the centre of attention and how totally knackered you are the next day! Think through the day as a timeline - I found this helped ease any tension I had that we'd forgotten something. Also we then gave the timeline to the ushers and let them take-over the responsibility of it all on the day itself! I was glad we avoided most of the "wedding up-selling" and concentrated on getting the vows right and keeping numbers small.

Big thank you to Georgie for answering these questions - more so considering her and Stuart have now left England to start a new adventure in Africa just last week. I hope you're both finding your feet and making it home!

I couldnt leave without a photograph or two - but check out their wedding in full here.

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