Sunday, 28 November 2010

Moma said there would be days like this, Moma said

Why do I cry? Its so silly, these are people I dont know, this is a wedding I have not been at, and these are moments I have not seen myself. And yet I do. Because. Because I feel it. Its in the way they smile, or glimpse at each other. The way she squeezes his bum and then looks up for reassurance. And laughs. This is what a wedding is. And More. Its why each wedding photograph makes me know that I am witnessing a true celebration. Of the couple. Of the family. Of the friends. The joy in the air is palpable. And I get to document that. I will never, I dont think get used to that. I know that when I stumble home (usually past midnight), and my boyfriend is waiting for me. I am talking. Like bouncing off the walls chattering. About the dress. The kisses. The older women - who I have come to adore at weddings. At the way he looks at her. At the way she cries when her brother talks of how they grew up together. And for me. Its when I find a shot that moves me. To crying. Then hopefully I have bottled some of that magic.

What got me started this evening was watching the FANTASTIC videos that sharkpig do. They are based in California, but man, if there was someone here doing the same thing I would want to be knowing them.

Here's a quick pic I took whilst walking down Carnaby Street last week. They always have the best Christmas decorations.

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