Monday, 13 December 2010

Kizzy + Myles

Thats it - the VW campervan. With Simon busy washing it. Nervously I approached and said Hi. Was this the right campervan - would the guy think I was crazy. Yes it was the right campervan, and yes he probably did think I was a bit crazy stopping him in the street like that. But, Myles and Kizzy had told me about him and the VW that was going to be taking Kizzy to the church. With a jolly laugh he said hi back and asked about what colour ribbon he should use. And thats how everyone was. Lovely. You could see Kizzy and Myles' family and friends getting involved, wanting to help see these two people off on the start of the married life together. Because thats what they are like. Generous, kind and so warm. Radiating goodness.

I arrived at Kizzy and Myles' flat where Kizzy was busy getting ready. The light bulbs had given up, there were last minute alterations being made to bridesmaid dresses, the flower girl twirling around, sandwiches were being made and in the midst, a calm, radiant Kizzy. And thats how it stayed throughout the day. Just happy. Meeting Myles at the church beaming as he welcomed guests - many who had come from Australia. And just before Kizzy walked down the aisle Myles turned around, and looked at his mum.

From the church to the reception Kizzy and Myles had allowed enough time for some photos of them. Yeay. I am always whooping when this happens. So, far too over ambitiously I suggested South Bank. I will always remember Kizzy walking bare-foot along the pavement, cheers going up, and the biggest smiles ever.

So, here are a few pictures...what a gorgeous affair, full of happiness, details everywhere and Kizzy and Myles - the most perfect of matches. Here's to you both. x


  1. beautiful. please could you share some of your settings. x

  2. Post with settings and things coming shortly! yeay. x

  3. Natasha. Lovely shots again. Well done.

    Love your "my cat's a funny