Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Merry Christmas

My sister and I always say, its when we hear the coke ad holidays are coming that heralds the start of Christmas. We call each other and shout out. Its Christmas. I love it. Its been harder this year to get into the spirit of Christmas, but the thoughts of going home to wales where my mum will have been cooking for the last month and have a stocked larder and fridge has been like a beacon in the rush of city life. Its sometimes difficult to stop. To think and to remember to be grateful. Because I am. I have a family that I love, a roof over my head. So whilst the electric blinkered and went out on Christmas evening I thought to myself, I am thankful. I am here and its home. Plus extra bonus to mum for organising a second year of snow. Snowboarding and fab snowy photographs. Here are a few shots...Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you had a happy time.Christmas morning I was up at 8am (La Roux licking my face), and went straight outside to watch the sun rise over the hills.

I love fairy lights, and will always try and shoot wide open (f1.2) to bring the fairy lights out of focus but far more dramatic.

As the sun was rising, I saw the moon behind me - the roof of home at the bottom of the frame.

Mum and David bringing the sledges - the ride down was good, the walk up was painful!

My model brother. Seriously I know I bug him and ask him to pose for me to practice my shooting but he is sooo photogenic.

As is Mum's crazy cat Noah - he was rescued from the side of the road and is quite obviously a wild cat - slightly cross eyed, and this year with a fur coat that resembles a Yeti.

And the last picture of La Roux - his first Christmas. Travelling up on the tube and then a five hour train journey. No moaning or groaning. Taking it in his stride. Such a cutie.

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  1. Fab photos and commentary Natasha - we felt like we were there with you all enjoying your Mums wonderful hospitality! Wishing you and Em a great 2011. Patsy and Peter xx