Monday, 22 November 2010

Kizzy & Myles Wedding - sneak peek

Just a quick little message as I have to start the post production of Kizzy and Myles' totally rocking wedding. Think a 1950 prom dress, birdcage veil, jars of sweets, vintage cups and saucers, lots of Australians, lots of Londoners, a VW campervan, and a lot of love.

Kizzy - you were amazing. Really. You were not only gorgeous but seeing you and Myles walking next to the Thames backlit by purple light was magical. And. It was cold and you had bare feet. My future brides have a lot to live up to.

Here's a sneak peek of their wedding which I'll be posting in a couple of weeks. For now, Myles and Kizzy, I hope you are enjoying Sri Lanka and the Maldives! x

Info: I took this at 4:30pm GMT on Saturday, so it was getting dark. Like way dark. But I really wanted some natural shot poses. This was taken outside the church entrance. Backlit with a framed yellow light and the blue doorway this was a great location. My settings were:
1/200, f3.2 and iso 1000. Canon 5DMark II, 50mm 1.2mm lens.

My mindset was that I wanted to have less depth of field than I had for the other group shots that were taken here (as there were just the two of them on the same plane, and blur out the background), make sure that it was sharp ( I was leaning back into the road so Iso was high), and a slow-ish shutter speed. Im not saying this is the right way. It probably isnt. But thats how I took the picture.

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