Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Far away places with far away names

Downers Grove, Dunedin, Frederiksberg, they are mystical places which I have never heard of. Together with the likes of LA, Moscow, Paris and New Delhi, they have an air of the unknown, glamorous, foreign. The kind of place that when you step off the plane you know the air tastes different, the houses look different and the post boxes arent red. So, when I looked at my google analytics and saw that someone had somehow found my site and read perhaps a little bit of it from these towns and cities over the last couple of weeks, it feels like me sitting here writing this is somehow connecting with you out there. I am dreaming of what it would be like to live in the places, how you found me, and who you are - bride, photographer, blogger? Awrrh. OK. Enough of the daydreaming. I got me an album to make and some ideas for my next wedding to think of...

Here's one of the rejects from a pile we took for my new website. Em's making me laugh because Im being all bossy and want to take the picture rather than be in the picture and trying to give instructions whilst look nice. No it didnt work. I just got crazy eyes and we ended up late for dinner.

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