Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Fright Night in the City

Its like I could taste it in the air. Joy. Happiness. Laughter. It was Halloween night in London?! Instead of turning into a scary city, it became a night where Londoners did things they dont normally do. Like smile at strangers, crack a joke with the person sitting next to them on the tube, chatting to the people sitting near them at dinner. Or was that was just me...humm.

This was the first year in seven that we hadn't had a party, and so were off into Shorditch to have dinner with friends. Nothing fancy, no parting. But as we walked up to the tube we saw that there had been a power cut so everywhere was dark with the local Indian shops cooking by candle light and everyone milling around in the streets calling to one another. We knew it was going to be a special evening.

On the tube was another world. At each station we got to, everyone (well bar us), was dressed up. And I mean totally, fanged, white powered, red lipped, dripping with blood. And dang. No camera. So these are by Blackberry. Next year I am going out prepared...and definitely dressed up!

(Even H&M got a little sprinkling of Halloween blood on their lovely model's lips - love it!).

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