Friday, 29 January 2010

Alternative gift list

I know the gift list for weddings can be a real headache - do you have a list at John Lewis, what do you ask for - is it obligatory to have whiskey glasses?? Do you really want them or are you trying to help out your guests who are in an equal quagmire of uncertainty over what to get...It got me to thinking - there are some fabulous things out there that just need shouting about which could be the best gifts ever! Things that are unique, beautiful and real treasures that you can love forever. So, here are a couple of ideas:

Chris is a friend and an amazing pencil artist. He's exhibited all over the UK and his drawings are intricate, evocative works of art. He specialises in drawing animals, both the domestic kind and those in the wild...working for Born Free means he usually has a story to tell behind his drawings, like Bella the lioness he rescued. Check out his website and see what else he's been up the way he donates a percentage of sales to Born Free too!

My dad is an exceptional woodworker and upholsterer, and specialises in restoring antiques. He is a wealth of knowledge on pretty much anything to do with architecture, art and antiques in any period, and is amazingly talented in both restoring and recreating pieces. At the moment he has Chippendale style mirrors made out of old elm beautifully hand crafted for sale at £49 a pop - how good is that! He also has other antiques for sale - if you're interested in buying a mirror or want more info on what he has at the moment please contact me.

This one is work in progress...

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