Monday, 25 January 2010

Trash the Dress/Rock the Frock (part four)

Ok, this is going to be the last blog entry for the photoshoot with Miranda (see the entries below for earlier blogs about the photoshoot) out for the other photographs I took with the equally gorgeous Rebecca which I'll be posting in the next couple of weeks (had to split them as you can obviously see I have far to much to say on each location and photo)!

So, the sun had set and it was a question of dashing to the next place I had in mind before it got dark...

This was a great location - I spied it on my search for good locations and had lots of fun changing the exposures, and using it as an outside studio (you'll have to wait for Rebecca's pics to find out what else we did)....Here I used the umbrella as a reflector so that Miranda's face was lit up.

I love this picture - it represents what I wanted the photoshoot to feel like - fairytale magic! Miranda is holding the mirror I mentioned in the last blog (its not a rattle!).

I am inspired by lots of photographers and this was a shot that I think maybe, just maybe looks a tiny bit like the magic of Ben Chrisman - a wedding photographer in America...Love the bright pink lights, the cars creating a sense of speed and abstractness with Miranda framed in the middle.

The final shot - although I was waiting for everything to come together I reckon I was a bit lucky that it all did! This is a really busy road in London, and between me trying not to get Miranda run over or me run over, to keep the cars out of the frame but to use their headlights as a spotlight on Miranda was perhaps asking too much...somehow it happened though!

Finally big thank you to my beautiful brides Miranda and Rebecca (who you'll meet in a couple of weeks), Ruth the hair and make-up artist, and Marilyn at Sarah Ashley florists for your hard work, patience in the cold, sense of fun and all being totally brilliant!

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