Sunday, 24 January 2010

Trash the Dress/Rock the Frock (part three)

Next up a photoshoot idea I have had for ages. It all started with bright pink fairytale hand-held mirror that I bought which gave me the idea for this...rock with a bit of fun, fairytale magic...hummm does that make sense?! Anyway, Ruth sourced the perfect matching shade of pink for Miranda's lips and Marilyn from Sarah Ashley created the mix of pink gerberas with little dusty pink flowers poking up between making it look natural, and finished with ferns...the look was completed with some heart glassed and a bit of graffiti!!

Some technical details for the photographers - I didnt use a flash, instead I had a Canon 5D MarkII with a Canon 28-70 L series lens...great for this type of location where you dont want a flash (do you ever?) but need to get some crisp, colourful shots in a dark location with the sun setting...The lens is fast, the body has a fab range on the ISO and the canon sensor loves the colour.

I love this shot! It was getting cold and we had been shooting for a little bit - I just managed to capture Miranda biting her lip. Fab.

This shot really came together, its so dramatic and direct, inviting you into the picture. Miranda was incredible, and with the fan and her tiara (both of which she used for her own wedding), and the background, I think this is magical.

I had to pluck up the courage to ask the skater boys that use the area if we could do a quick shoot...Thankfully they were great in clearing some space and ended up watching...think they may have fallen in love with Miranda too...

OK, I seem to be making this the biggest entry to my blog ever, so have decided to leave the last two locations for next time...think big urban brightly lit landscapes, cars, night-time and big screens (hopefully whetted your appetite)!

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