Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Max and Si's wedding

So, I was going to blog some of my fave photographs from last year's weddings...and whilst choosing one from Maxine and Simon's I realised I just had to dedicate the whole blog to their wedding...They are two of the sweetest people ever - Maxine is so considerate and kept asking if I was OK on her wedding day!...the guide notes to the ushers (which I had a peek at when on the bus to the reception) instructed them to make sure everyone was having a good time and drinking the drink - pretty laid back and fun loving, no?

Si and Max were lucky enough to have their ceremony in Magdalene College Chapel in Oxford. The candles were lit specially which made it look even more magical.

After the ceremony and the group shots Max, Si and I went for a little walk in the grounds - always recommend a few moments alone, and a chance to get some more formal shots which at the end of the day everyone always need...The sun came out (yeay) which meant I could get this shot of Maxine and her dress (from Stephaine Allin) with the sun shining through it. By the way, this was one of the most fabulous dresses ever - with a bustle and lots of lace...yum..

I love this shot - it was during the speeches when I spotted him playing with a puzzle toy, sitting on mum's lap, oblivious to what was going on around him. The light came together in the shot which makes it all the more 3d - with the candles and blue-ish tinge from the overhead lights.

Some more lights...this time outside the Tythe Barn, Bicester where Max and Si held their reception. Love the dramatic colour of the lights!! Did I mention how critical lighting is??!!

It was such a fab wedding I shot well into the night and ended up missing the last train home and having to go by night bus..oops...I love my job.

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