Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Annabel and Tom's London Wedding

It was always going to be a fantastic wedding, from the moment I met Annabel across the table in Cha Cha Moon. Im not usually so forward but when your sitting elbow to elbow and hearing the girly chat of what sounded like an amazing wedding I had no choice but to say hi - it was fate. So, it was with a whoop that Annabel called and asked me to be their photographer....This couple is perfect, honestly. With a mixture of cheekiness from Tom, pure loveliness from Annabel and two people totally in love. And how do you celebrate this - with a low key, modern wedding, with Annabel getting ready at home while Tom headed to the pub for one (or two) drinks before a ceremony in the beautiful Chelsea Registry Office, and a reception in their local pub - The Brown Dog, Barnes. I loved every minute of being a part of their wedding, it was such a relaxed affair, and did I mention totally gorgeous! Check out the photographs.....

I caught this picture of Tom, his brother and best man walking from the pub to Chelsea Registry Office - love it. London really lends itself to this type of photograph.

Arr yes, and the boys in the pub beforehand. Not sure what they were talking about but love the natural shot.
I wanted to create a striking picture of Annabel arriving at the Registry Office in what is otherwise just a stairway. By cross-exposing the picture I was able to get the yellow light from the chandelier in the stairway and create a darker blue than was actually there for the hallway. Love seeing Annabel's dad waiting for her at the top too.

It was so great to be able to take photographs during the ceremony!

Whoop - Confetti and congratulations as Tom and Annabel walk down the steps of Chelsea Registry Office. Spy the champagne bottle in Tom's hand - a gift from the bridesmaids for them to have on their cab journey to Barnes.

I spotted this shop just down the road from Chelsea Registry Office and thought it would be fab to use as a backdrop. Something totally different but great in creating a striking picture.

Humm, maybe I am having a thing with chandeliers but this is Della the best man delivering one of the funniest speeches I have ever heard. I love the fact that Tom and then Della stood up on their chairs to give their speeches (Tom without any notes - impressive).

As you can see - hilarious speeches!

The back of the pub was painted blue which was a perfect backdrop for the bridesmaids dresses. I had to do a bit of photoshop work to get rid of the windows..but hopefully you wouldnt notice. They were fab bridesmaids too - Carly gave a speech and together with Sasha made the delicious wedding cupcakes and Katie flew all the way back from Hong Kong especially!!

At the end of Tom's speech he said "my dad gave me some advice, marry a kind girl - and I have." So difficult to take pictures when welling up but he's right Annabel is lovely, and here we did a few pictures of her outside their first home (which was just behind the pub).

Love this picture of everyone during the speeches - I think everyone is laughing!

This is Tom and Annabel's home which is gorgeous. They were given a wedding card with "The Kiss" by Robert Doisneau and by chance the way they stood outside is exactly the same stance as the couple Doisneau photographed at Hotel de Ville 50 years ago. Love it so much!

The lighting was amazing in the pub - yellow/purple/blue. It makes it so much more atmospheric when I can use a high iso and just a touch of flash without burning the natural light. Here the boys wanted a pic with Annabel's bouquet?!!

At about 10pm we took a few pictures outside. I love this, no flash, just the light from the pub lighting up Annabel's beautiful dress and them walking away down the road.

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