Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Weddings and Italy

So its been a crazy busy last couple of weeks for me - two weddings in the space of two weeks! I was in heaven.... what an amazing time. I sometimes have to pinch myself when I think that I can do what I do - I love it! Meeting new people, going to new places, the excitement and interpretation that each wedding brings, the whoop (sometimes whispered) when I feel I've nailed a shot, the utter exhaustion too - in a good way, when I am on my way home, bones aching but smiling at the memories I have of the wedding and the photos I think I have captured.....so my lovely readers, get ready for some blogging wedding overload in the next few weeks...think private manor house, Jane Austin type bride, cracking disco lights, hog roast and rocknroll dad. And, think wuthering heights castle in a storm, candles, family, laughter and laidback loveliness.

So I should probably get back to post production (and off Facebook!) here are a few photographs I took last summer walking in the mountains with my mum in Italy (we flew into Venice)...

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