Sunday, 6 June 2010


Its 7:30am and Im in Paddington train station half asleep watching a bunch of guys in yellow and green crack open cans of beer and start blowing a brightly coloured horn. Yep Im off on a three hour journey with what seems like all the South Africans living in London up to Wales to watch the rugby. Feeling somewhat outnumbered I text my sis who is coming from Pembrokeshire and who reassures me her train is full of red shirted Welsh supporters. Ive never been to a match before but this is a birthday present to my mum so its great to meet up with the whole family and spend the next 90 minutes cheering, yelling and singing.....unfortunately South Africa just won but actually it was the atmosphere in the stadium and singing Bread of Heaven that will stick with me. Here are a few photographs I took....(luckily the water got confiscated but not the camera).

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