Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Claire & Matt's country wedding

The sun was bright red and setting behind fields of yellow flowers and I was speeding along the empty road towards a tiny pub where the sound of a band and merriment was coming from. Claire and Matt had invited me to their familie's local where Matt's dad was playing in a band - a rehearsal for the wedding the next day...It was fab to meet both families and the ushers, best man and bridesmaids as well as listen to the music.

Next morning it was early bird call, checking equipment and eating a very big breakfast before heading over to the hairdressers where I was meeting Claire and her mum and sisters. From there the wedding had started!! I loved every minute, from the bacon sandwiches being made in the morning, the sibling banter whilst getting ready, and then high tailing it to the gorgeous Ersham Hall where the wedding ceremony and reception were taking place. Matt being nervous, and Claire all calm before the ceremony, and then the laugher, happiness and fun that was the rest of the day and into the night. Claire is lovely, she makes sure everyone's ok, is organised, and dependable. Matt is hilarious, mucking around and funloving. But its when they are together that you really see how well they "fit". They compliment each other so well and you can see in the quiet moments that they know each other totally and love each other for everything that the other is. Here are a few of my favourite photographs..

I love the block colour that the barn doors provided for a fab backdrop!

Here are the bridesmaids waiting for Claire to arrive - it was tipping with rain but luckily the portico on the front of Ersham hall was great for sheltering under! This is where the group pics took place too.
I love this picture of Claire getting out of the car and her dad hurrying around to help her.

I think it was a bit emotional for Claire's dad, but Claire was totally calm, and radiant too.

Here are the two best men, after this shot they both gave Matt a fact there was a lot of boy kissing at the wedding!

Its great when I can photograph the ceremony. Here I was able to, and I really think if you can, make sure your photographer can photograph what is taking place. I know that it will go in a blur and that its ultimately your day (not the vicars or the registrar's). I always like to chat to whoever's conducting the ceremony beforehand, just to double check what I can do, and if its possible to persuade them (if they're not keen on having photographs taken), that I wont use a flash, move around or interrupt the ceremony in any way.
I love this picture, Claire looking at the registrar and Matt looking at Claire. Beautiful.

La Kiss!
This was one of the confetti shots - not sure if you can see the detail, but its always fun to get a wider angle shot and see what people are doing.

Between the rain clouds we scurried outside to where I had spotted some flowering cow parsley which was great to use as a backdrop to Claire and Matt. Proper country wedding.

The inside of Ersham Hall is beautiful. It is a privately owned and Annabel who runs all the events here is fab. A proper ball of energy and loveliness. I wish I could live here. The rooms were great too - not too big but still beautifully decorated (the gold leaf and chandeliers), and great to photograph.

When Matt said "we will never walk alone" to Claire's dad who is an Everton fan (you can see his head in his hands).
Lovely moment of Claire and Matt laughing. They have been together for over nine years so all their friends knew them both.

Queuing up for the Hog Roast.

The first dance, the lighting was beautiful - the DJ had a great set of lights, and it made such a difference to photograph. I truly believe that the lighting will make the difference to the atmosphere in the room. I like to shoot with a minimal flash so that it doesnt burn the lights but still brings focus to the shot. Please please if you have a DJ make sure they provide good lighting!

Beautiful dress - love the train.

I took this shot of Matt dancing with each grandma - how fab are they to be tearing up the dancefloor.
The boys, also tearing up the dancefloor. Again, such great DJ lighting makes my job of creating beautiful pictures all the more easier to do.

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