Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Winter weddings (and Christmas)

Christmas day arrived with the sun rising over the snow covered hills, yellow and bright....so it wasnt long before breakfast was finished and we headed outside dusting off the snowboards and skis to get properly hungry for the turkey that was slowly roasting in the oven.

I am so excited to be photographing a winter wedding this year. I know its becoming popular to have your wedding outside of the busy (more expensive) summer time, and it can be so lovely when you have a crisp cold day. In terms of photography you probably need to think about this more than if you have a summer wedding. My tips for making the most out of your winter wedding would be to have the ceremony as early as possible in the day, choosing a reception venue that is light (ie with lots of windows), and if you have candles its always good to have some other light too - eg fairy lights, oh yes and as ever - make sure your DJ or band have loads of disco lights! I try not to use a flash so none of these different atmospheric lights are burnt out. I hope this helps....

Here are a few photographs that I took at Christmas...

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