Thursday, 24 December 2009

Coming home for Christmas

As the train quietly chugged towards home, darkness descended and the snow began to fall, enveloping the train as it swirled around outside. So by the time we reached our stop my bro and I jumped off and practically ran to the waiting car... as we climbed the hill out of town my bro began offering encouraging comments like "it's not really that much snow", and "we have got so far so a little less to walk if we get stuck"...This coupled with mum's rally driving skills got us over the Common (think Dartmoor type countryside) and down the other side. The final push up to the house involves going on an even smaller road and then track - slowly we crept closer and closer until a little spin on some ice and acceleration brought us to the house - where the fire was burning, the lights twinkling and Freddie the cat waiting to greet us....

Here's a couple of pictures taken today...(dont worry the Geese will still be around after Christmas lunch!).

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