Monday, 3 May 2010


Its bank holiday monday here in the UK so I have a little bit of time to share with you my trip to India before the craziness of the next few months of weddings every couple of weeks - yay!

So, I was on my way to India to see two of my very best friends get married. I had a couple of days before the celebrations started so here are a few pictures of what I got up to...I didnt think I would like India if Im honest - Im not good at seeing poverty, its too emotional, but India is a wonder. It is such a positive happy and beautiful country and people. Yes there is rubbish everywhere, but that coupled with the smell of jasmine and incense in the air, the laughing and inquisitive nature of the people, the bright colours, intense flavours of foods and unbelievable hotness makes it intoxicating.

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  1. looks amazing!!!!!Great pictures again!xx