Friday, 26 March 2010


I am dedicating this blog entry to my mum! Yep, I know mothers day was a couple of weekends ago now, but for the last few months my mum has been an absolute rock for me...I think you can take things for granted so much when times are good and its only when things are difficult that you realise that you must make the most of every single thing. Family is so important, and without my mum to listen, give me the support and reassurance I need, and always be there for me - whether its just to call and ask if Im ok, to saying she will drive the four hours it takes to get to London just so that she can give me a hug Im not sure how I would be able to get through the tough times. So, heres to you mum, I love you so much!

And thinking about mums, I know that sometimes the mums can get a bit overlooked at a wedding. Its your dad that walks you down the aisle and then gives a speech, he is the one with the jobs that will get him photographed. So, always make sure that the photographer knows you and your families and can take pictures of your mum too. Last week I was photographing Georgina's wedding and love the pictures I have of her mum coming in whilst she is getting ready, settling nerves, talking to the little flower girl, helping Georgina into her dress - yes mum's play an important role too, it just needs to be shouted about a bit more I reckon.

Georgina's wedding will be up in a few weeks time - get ready for old architecture lit up at night, candles and organic baskets of flowers, smiles everywhere, a rocking first dance and a beautiful dress. In the meantime here are a few pics of my mum (being my model as I practice with a new lens).

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  1. Peter and I quite agree - your Mum is a wonderful Mum and a great role model for you and Dunya and Olav