Sunday, 7 March 2010

Photobooth Say Fromage

Quite suddenly it all went quiet - the last guests had made their way indoors for the reception dinner and I found myself able to run around outside taking pictures of the venue and all the candles as the moon was coming up and the last glimmer of light remained. Once I'd finished I headed back to the door I had come out of to find that it was locked tight shut and a guy was putting a TV screen on it??!...humm..I think my look of panic must of registered and the guy pointed to where there was another door. This was how I met Oliver from Say Fromage, a photobooth company who are fab. Unlike other companies the equipment they use is a lot easier to assemble and doesn't take up too much space and also makes them very competitive price wise...Plus you may get Oliver who was great fun and able to tell a few juicy photobooth stories!

So, you have the photographer why have a photobooth?? Because its hilarious - giving you all those pics of your friends and family mucking around having fun!! Yes, you need a professional wedding photographer too but this is such a great way of capturing some other types of shots, and in my opinion a million times better that leaving disposable cameras on tables or polaroids - both of which can get forgotten, lost, produce under exposed shots, needs someone to coordinate the process etc. Here's a few photographs I took of the photobooth which shows you what happens...

1. Find a load of friends and pile into the photobooth where you get 4 shots taken of you.
2. Next you wait for the photos to appear on the TV screen by the booth.
3. Scream with laughter as the photos come up!
3. Get given all the shots on photographic paper - to treasure forever, naturally!
4. You dont get this in the package by the way, its Em and I in the booth - couldnt resist having a go!

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