Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fashion Blog

So Im sitting in the den, pot of coffee next to me and a bowel of raisins (seem to be clean out of food) and was trying to get down and do my accounts....yawn...but just been on my friend's blog and had to tell you all about it because its amazing. Emilie is one of those girls who's effortlessly fashionable, mixing things you would never think to wear together. She's french and been in fashion, well, ever since I've known her, and has worked for all sorts of amazing designers such as Giles Deacon.

In her blog Emilie tells you whats going on in the fashion world from the catwalks - no need to buy Grazia any more (but I may still have to get Tatler and Cosmo Bride - its an addiction), lots of beautifully drawn pictures and ideas which just make you want to be more creative yourself and gives you an excuse to run to your wardrobe and re-look at your dresses that you never wear and the shoes you adore. Plus she also gives you the heads up in whats happening in London, which is fab - even if its just so you can swoon outside a new shop opening! Check out her blog. As ever I couldnt leave without posting a few pics, and considering the fashion world is pretty much french - here's a few photographs I took when I was last in Paris.

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