Sunday, 4 April 2010

Treasure the Dress Photoshoot

The sun is shining outside and I can smell Easter dinner cooking - yumm....So, whilst I wait for the turkey to crisp up, I thought I would blog about the photoshoot I did with Rebecca. If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll remember that I did a photoshoot with Miranda and mentioned I had also shot another bride at the same time - well this was with the gorgeous Rebecca with her absolutely stunning dress an parasol! I chose the same locations but shot each bride at different angles and places to set off their dresses and personalities. Rebecca was fab - it can be difficult having a photographer with their lens in your face asking you relax - I know I am the worst person to be in front of a camera, but Rebecca took it in her stride...First up are pictures that I took in the Rookery in Streatham - not the most glamorous of places but with a bit of thought, some unusual angles and some luck with the sun coming out I think they look pretty amazing!
Photograph techie stuff - for this shot I really wanted to show off Rebecca's gorgeous dress. So by placing her on the steps, facing the sun, slightly underexposed to get the textures of the dress and the silhouette of the tree this photograph came together. Although I dont really do much "extreme" photoshop work, I did make the sash of Rebecca's dress a mirror image on each side - it saved time on the day of trying to get it to match - which would have been so difficult to do.

I love this picture - Rebecca's face lit up by the low-light sunshine and smiling, looking away from the camera. I think its always so much easier not to look at the camera and smile, and much prefer it rather than a false "rabbit in the headlights" kind of a look. Good zoom lens also helps - I always shoot on L series Canon lenses - this is the 70-200 f4 (it is so flattering).

Again another dress gorgeousness shot - I think the dress speaks so much about the bride and I know that it can cost rather a lot, so have fun, make the most of it, ask your photographer to shoot the dress and not just on the hanger but on you! Rebecca's dress came alive when she was wearing it, and was perfect for her. So if like her's you have a sweeping back or fab details, make sure your photographer knows about it and is willing to photograph it.

Stay tuned for more of Rebecca's photoshoot being posted later!

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