Sunday, 18 April 2010

Photoshoot part deux

Ive just come back from India and am bursting with ideas and general enthusiasm for colour, light and jasmine. I'll be blogging about the wedding I went to there in a couple of days, as well as putting up some pics of the gorgeous wedding I photographed for Georgina and Stuart in Oxford a few weeks ago...In the meantime here is part two of the photoshoot I did with Rebecca.

Wham, the bright red of the stairs really hits you and shows of the brilliant white of Rebecca's dress. Love this picture - some passers by had just shouted "congratulations"!!
The light was fading as I took a series of shots of Rebecca on the pier. Although I had in my mind's eye using the pier slats to draw in the eye, this is the photograph I love the most...Its rather haunting...It also shows off the back of her dress perfectly.

This was a bit of a fun location - I found the boat, together with Banksy graffiti of Super Woman (which I think was rather apt), and just asked Rebecca to lean away from it. The daylight had properly gone, but with a high ISO I was able to get this without a flash.

This was Rebecca's idea of throwing the bouquet and it worked so well. I think there was a little bit of luck involved - from the fab throw, to me catching the moment of the bouquet between panels. I didnt have the camera on continuous shutter, I find I often miss that crucial moment if I do, plus it means I have about 20 photographs to pick through in post production.

This was a bit of fun too - Rebecca holding her shoes waiting for a bus...what with me the other side of the road the poor bus driver didnt realise it was a shoot, and asked Rebecca if she needed a lift!!!

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