Tuesday, 4 January 2011

La Roux our "dog"

I had found it. In the sock drawer under the bed. La Roux's toy has been lost for the past month. Its not just any toy. Its his favourite red and white mouse. Half its fur is missing and it no longer has a tail. But Roux loves his mouse. And, when we throw it, Roux like a good dog fetches it and brings it back for us to throw again. We played this game yesterday morning and decided to video it.

This was my first real try at the HD video function on the Canon 5d Mark II that I shoot with, and although the manual focus took a bit of getting used to - OK I was rubbish at it, the quality and colour is fab. More of these to come this year.

(theres some music too - we got very excited by it all).

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