Thursday, 27 January 2011

I heart heels

To start with - Im sorry. I know. I havent posted anything in AGES and this was one of my "things" to get better at this year. Can I say that, like exercising I just havent had the time? Nope I thought not. I promise to get better. So why did I decide to post today? It all started like this.

Running upstairs, thick carpet underfoot, the creek of the door opening after being taken off the grey door-stop. I was excited. Like really excited. Turning to my left I was in front of another door. This time it was the door of the wardrobe...and inside (no, not Nania) were a pair of royal blue patent heels. HEELS. There they were sitting in the bottom of the wardrobe, waiting for me. I would gently take them out and carefully put them on. They were gorgeous. I would then parade downstairs - elegant, sophisticated, regal - at the age of 8 clomping about in shoes to big for me. Looking back, not all that sophisticated, but I didnt care. It was amazing to just be wearing patent heels.....The love affair hasnt ended and whilst I can no longer fit into my Nana's slim size 4's I do have a pile of somewhat more giant sized 8's, all deliciously uncomfortable, impractical but that make me happy just looking at them.

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