Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Thank You

Big sorry for the lack of recent blogs...life has been happening whilst I was busy making other plans! But, one thing is for sure, my time away from the slightly obsessive wedding photography has really made me think, and although its no eureka moment the importance of family and being there for each other is something I have learnt not to take for granted and really treasure. I guess this is what weddings are all about - its the start of building a family, and is something that should be celebrated!

Anyways, enough philosophy. This weekend I got a lovely thank you card (and scrummy chocolates) from the gorgeous Beccy and her husband Pete whose wedding I photographed last August. I am always so critical and spend hours pouring over the photos I have taken for each wedding looking at how I can improve that its the best thing ever - I mean it - to get feedback from my couples (especially when they are so glowing - yeay). Here's a couple of photographs from their wedding.
Can you spy the "heart" created by the sun's rays in the photograph...it was only in the post production that I spotted it, but how fab is that!

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